Perth's first choice for security

When it comes to strength combined with good looks and easy to clean characteristics. You can’t go past ClearShield!

ClearShield gives a distinct advantage to homeowners with its sleek contemporary design that is unique to ClearShield. Offering an easy to clean surface with tiny round holes to prevent insects whilst allowing excellent airflow.

ClearShield is now also energy efficient with a proven 40% reduction of ‘Solar Heat Gain’. This means that you can keep cooler behind your ClearShield screens in the hot summer sun while remaining safe in your home.

ClearShield is manufactured around Australia and Internationally, In Australia alone ClearShield is available from over 50 ClearShield distributors.

Security Doors

ClearShield's advanced technology has taken the conventional security door to another level in terms of strength and good looks.ClearShield Doors are custom made to suit your home in hinged, sliding, stacking and bi fold applications. ClearShield's unique design does not require additional cross bars through the middle of your door to meet the Australian Standard as a security door. ClearShield doors look superb on any Australian home design, providing a wonderful ‘airy’ feeling inside, a contemporary look, along with the peace of mind being able to open your doors without the fear of being burgled. ClearShield's sleek smooth frame designs are available in over 200 traditional and contemporary colours to suit your own decor. ClearShield has been extensively tested beyond the Australian Standards for Security doors and Screens and achieved outstanding results.

Security Screens

Nothing comes close to the superior look of ClearShield's unique stainless steel security screens.Unlike woven mesh products which can collect dirt and dust in the weave, ClearShield security screens feature a smooth and easy to clean stainless steel that is burglar resistant and irresistible to look at. ClearShield is a stainless steel perforated screen product made from a single flat sheet of perforated stainless steel that is smooth and easy to clean. This unique design provides homeowners the luxury of stylish good looks combined with peace of mind knowing they are safe in their homes behind one of Australia's most recognised security screens. Made to measure and colour matched to your home, ClearShield screens are available as fixed or easy to use Emergency Exit Screens in a wide range of powder-coated frame finishes. ClearShield has been extensively tested beyond the requirements of the Australian Standards and achieved outstanding results.

Emergency Exit Screens

For your family's safety, we've developed the Emergency Exit Screen so in the event of a fire or similar household drama, you can escape by simply releasing the escape mechanism and pushing the screen frame outward. It's designed to release in a matter of seconds, and is extremely child friendly. Emergency Exit Screens still have the unmistakable features of a ClearShield product including optimum visibility, stylish and smooth stainless steel good looks, while at the same time giving you the peace of mind to leave your windows open because it's so strong. Made to measure and colour matched to your home, Emergency Exit Screens can be installed over just the opening or the complete window.

Cyclone Screens

While the need for cyclone protection in the cyclonic region of Australia has never been stronger, the good news is there's now a solution… ClearShield's advanced technology Cyclone-Shield Cyclone-Shield's window screens are a stand-alone screen solution without the need for expensive additional impact glass to be fully compliant to the requirements of the new Australian Standard. Cyclone-Shield is available in 3 levels of performance from the base line Cyclone Screen up to the Hurricane Screen and incredibly strong Tornado Screen. This test is equivalent to a piece of wood weighing 4kg being propelled by a wind gust of around 390km/h! Independent test reports confirm the strength of the product and that it meets the highest level of requirement for debris impact in the AS1170.2.2011 standard.

Bushfire Screens

ClearShield Bushfire Screens All ClearShield products have been approved for use in bushfire applications up to and including the highest FZ level of requirement under AS3959. ClearShield Emergency Exit Screens are also very useful as a bushfire screen where the application requires the screen to protect the complete window thus allowing the occupants easy escape in an emergency. ClearShield Bushfire Shutters ClearShield's NEW Bushfire Shutters are also exceptionally useful as they comply with the requirements of part 3.7 of AS 3959(BAL 40). This latest addition to the ClearShield range is an economically and aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional roll-down fire shutters.

Fire Attenuation Screens

ClearShield's Fire Attenuation Screen has been designed for applications to satisfy the requirements of AS1530.4-2005. ClearShield's Fire Attenuation Screens are an economical alternative to conventional drenching (sprinkler) systems and they also offer a high level of security. ClearShield Australia contracted the services of Warrington Fire Research Australia to test the ClearShield's Fire Attenuation Screen and when tested, achieved a reduction of radiant heat of 44kW/m2.

Pool Fencing

Give your outdoor entertaining and pool area a modern and stylish look with ClearShield pool fencing. ClearShield pool fencing is an excellent alternative to conventional steel or glass material with a smooth easy to clean stainless steel finish that creates a wonderful ‘airy feeling’ and enables the breeze to flow through. Unlike glass pool fencing where there can be constant problems with water marks, ClearShield pool fencing requires less maintenance, and meets the stringent requirements of AS 1926.1-1993.

Balustrade Screens

We've applied our innovative stainless steel technology to balustrade screening that provides a modern and stylish alternative to mesh and glass. Our balustrade screening offers a number of practical advantages, including optimum visibility with a smooth, easy to clean finish, next to no maintenance, and allows you to create a stunning feature for your home, office or commercial application. ClearShield balustrade fencing has been tested to Australian Standard AS2047.1